Dan Greenway continues to innovate with the new Sony FR7 Unleashing the power of technology on the TV shows we know and love.

Unleashing the Power of Innovative Broadcast Technologies with Dan Greenway: Sony FR7, Panasonic UE160 and More!

By Richard Inman 09/06/2023

Dan Greenway: The minicam Industry Veteran

In the competitive landscape of remote head cameras and minicams, Dan Greenway has carved a niche for himself. For 25 years, he has been supplying top-notch equipment and proficient crew for a myriad of Television Programs, Drama, Commercials, Sports, and Live Events. Owing to his vast inventory of remote cameras, PTZ cameras, and minicams, including the Sony FR7 full-frame PTZ camera and the all-new Panasonic UE160, he stands out as a trusted name in the industry.

The Biggest Television Programs Trust Dan Greenway

His no-nonsense approach and knack for acquiring distinctive footage have earned him a solid and long-term client base. He offers flexible rental options, either for dry hire or with an experienced crew from his team. Dan has worked on legendary television programs such as Gogglebox, Michael McIntyre’s Big Show, Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway and Amazon’s “Date My Mate”. All these shows have made the best use of Dan’s expertise, particularly in the field of hidden cameras and fixed rigs.

Dan Greenway has a vast array of the latest PTZ Cameras

Embracing the Future with Sony FR7 and Panasonic UE160

2022 saw a surge in demand for PTZ cameras, from dating shows to wildlife documentaries, as the industry boomed. As 2023 moves from Spring to Summer, Dan is on hand with an extensive collection of the latest cameras, like the 4K Panasonic UE160 and the Sony full-frame 4K FR7’s.

The Sony FR7: The Camera of Choice

The Sony FR7 emerges in the middle ground between standard PTZ cameras and large remote head cameras. With a full-size 35mm CMOS image sensor, 15+ stops latitude, up to 120fps in 4K, and super-smooth pan tilt zoom control, the FR7 has been embraced by DOP’s and O.B companies that are accustomed to Sony cameras such as the Sony FX9. The FR7 has proven its worth in various shoots, delivering flawless 4K images for Jazz nights in Soho, Nile Rodgers, The 1975, and Vivienne Westwood’s memorial at Southwark Cathedral.

Panasonic UE160: Packed with Features

The new Panasonic UE160 is packed with features, including in-lens optical stabilisation, roll correction, a high-speed image processing engine, and an optical lo-pass filter. It’s set to be a hit for live events and virtual production. This spring, Dan updated all Panasonic PTZ equipment, phasing out older controllers and replacing them with new RP60s. He now stocks new UE80s in black and white, along with flagship UE160 cameras.

Wildlife Filming with BR-Remote Cameras

For wildlife filming, Dan’s BR-Remote cameras are highly sought-after. They have been utilized in locations like Namibia, Peru, and Africa, capturing the beauty of eagles, penguins, and elephants in their natural habitats. Thanks to their rugged carbon fibre housings and super smooth operation, they are the go-to choice for wildlife filmmakers. The 4ki camera, with its 1/2” Sony sensor and 8.28 megapixels, delivers stunning images, rivalling larger sensor cameras.

Wildlife Filming with Dan Greenway

A Commitment to Innovation and Improvement

Dan has been working with David Bradley’s cameras since 2003 when his compact remote cameras were indispensable for hidden camera programs and rugged enough for wildlife programs. Bradley’s customer-centric R&D has resulted in continual improvements to cameras and remote heads.

Contact Dan Greenway Today

Aside from these new offerings, Dan continues to rent out various other PTZ cameras, hidden cameras, and in-car minicams, either with or without a crew.

You can reach Dan at 0208 560 0856 or [email protected] for more information.