Ukrainian refugee documentary film series from Paprika Studios to premiere in 11 European countries

Last Thursday, Human to Human, a documentary mini-series on the lives of Ukrainian refugees, was launched both in Poland and 10 other countries through the Viaplay platform.

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, no country has received as many Ukrainian refugees fleeing the war as Poland, who shares a border with both the warring states. Accordingly, there is perhaps no other nation who has so much insight into the reality of refugees from the war and the volunteers helping them as the Polish filmmakers who created this series.

The 10 episodes of Human-to-Human focus not only on the dramatic fate of Ukrainian refugees, but also show us the joys, hopes and fears of Polish volunteers, activists and citizens. The series goes far beyond the ubiquitous media portrayal of military operations on the frontlines, or the civilian tragedies and everyday difficulties experienced within Ukraine, as each episode of the documentary bears on a different person – their life, their fate and their challenges.

The title, Human to Human, refers to the Latin maxim, Homo homini lupus (“Man is a wolf to man”). There is no doubt that war can bring out the worst in people, though – paradoxically – it also offers an opportunity to do good.

“One example of this positive phenomenon is the widespread support of Polish citizens towards Ukrainian refugees”, explains Kacper Lisowski Head director.


Human to Human is a documentary that restores faith in humanity and presents the heroes of our time who unselfishly devote their time, energy and money to help those in need. A thought-provoking tale of humanity, it will long remain in the minds and hearts of viewers.

Barbara Wiśniewska-Grzesiak, of Viaplay Group, presents the production on the portal as follows: “This series gives us a peek into the realities that refugees and the Polish volunteers assisting them have had to face in what can be seen as the greatest European crisis since the Second World War”.

Made by Paprika Studios, the series was produced by Kristoffer Rus (Head of Paprika Studios Poland) and Agnieszka Knysak-Sandecka (Head of Production for Paprika Poland). Kacper Lisowski not only created the series but also directed several episodes. Collaborators also include various prominent filmmakers such as Paweł Deląg, Zuzanna Solakiewicz and Krystyna Wałajtys-Łonisk.