New Book, The Marketer’s Guide to Creative Production: Everything a Marketer Needs to Know About Film and Photography, Fills This Gap as a Resource and Guide for Creative Production Professionals.

Author Jillian Gibbs is Founder & Global CEO of APR Consulting (Advertising Production Resources), World’s Top Production Consultancy

New York, NY, February 21, 2024– APR, a pioneering force in the advertising production arena, proudly shares the ultimate roadmap to creative production, The Marketer’s Guide to Creative Production: Everything a Marketer Needs to Know About Shooting Video and Photography. APR Founder and CEO, Jillian Gibbs’ new book addresses a need that has long eluded marketing and advertising professionals who typically learn about creative production through on-the-job training.

Zooming in on the quintessential processes of creating video and photography content, The Marketer’s Guide to Creative Production is an essential resource for advertising professionals , as well as the basis for APR’s Production Ready Master Class. Whether you’re new to the industry or seeking to broaden your skills, this master class is a valuable opportunity to learn from the best.

Filling the Void

In a world where advertising is increasingly reliant on visual content and marketers are increasingly involved in film, video and photography, The Marketer’s Guide stands as a beacon of knowledge and guidance for novices and seasoned professionals alike. This eagerly awaited book was created to bridge the ever-widening gap between marketers, agencies, and production teams, offering a comprehensive guide through the complexities of creative production.

A Resource for All

Gibbs created this valuable tool for marketing, agency personnel, and producers – be they industry veterans or those just launching their careers.

Her book dissects the production process into distinct phases, offering valuable insights and practical tips that enable readers to navigate live-action, motion video production, and photography shoots with confidence. This book is poised to transform how the advertising production industry operates, covering essential topics such as briefing, shot lists, budgeting, scheduling, shoot attendance, and post-production. With real-world examples and an abundance of constructive input, Gibbs empowers readers to understand the creative process and apply it to their own projects, driving innovation and efficiency in advertising, film, and marketing endeavors.

A Textbook for Production Courses

“The Marketer’s Guide” is not just a book; it’s a catalyst for change. Recognized as a valuable resource for students and professionals alike, it is the cornerstone of APR’s Production Ready Master Class, launching in May 2024. The two-day, immersive workshop, presented in collaboration with NYU Film School Professor, Jonathan Weinstein, will give attendees the opportunity to experience production first-hand and receive a “Production Ready” certificate upon completion.

Unlocking the Full Potential of Your Team

Over the years, APR’s annual Creative Production Trends report has consistently highlighted the industry’s acute need for training and experienced talent. This gap in knowledge and skills poses significant risks to marketers, contributing to higher costs and prolonged production schedules.

Gibbs emphasizes, “People development is key. Mentorship, training programs, and learning and development for staff are desperately needed in the marketing and advertising industry, especially in production. We can all achieve better results if we are comfortable communicating and using a common language.”



Jillian Gibbs is a seasoned marketing production consultant, author, award-winning CEO, renowned speaker, and supporter of sustainable production and women in leadership. With over 30 years of experience, she has worked with top brands, guiding their creative production efforts, and helping them achieve impactful results.

Gibbs is the founder and CEO of Advertising Production Resources, a global advisory company specializing in production investment management. She is a frequent contributor to industry publications and a trusted advisor to marketing professionals and industry associations worldwide.



Started in 2000 by Founder & CEO Jillian Gibbs, APR is a pioneering woman-owned business that revolutionized Production Cost Consulting. Jillian Gibbs, while working at Unilever and later Molson Coors, introduced this innovative concept. APR has consistently led the industry in innovation and even coined the term “advertising production consulting.” The company operates as a truly data-driven consultancy, utilizing ACERO™, their proprietary Content Creation Data & Analytics application. Using this invaluable data serves as the foundation for APR Advisors to unlock critical insights and optimize clients’ creative production ecosystems. With a diverse portfolio encompassing 400+ client brands across sectors including Automotive, Beauty Care, Luxury, Snacks, Beverages, Technology, QSR, Government, and Banking, APR continues to make a global impact. Visit for detailed insights.


APR’s commitment to excellence:

Under Jillian Gibbs’ visionary leadership, APR is at the forefront of investing in and nurturing talented individuals within the creative production space. APR is dedicated to closing the industry’s knowledge gap and fostering excellence in both in-house and external agency producers, offering training classes based on the content of “The Marketer’s Guide” to further empower marketers and their creative production teams. “The thoroughness and attention to detail is excellent. This book is a thorough guide for ensuring a smart and thoughtful approach to production so that you and your team are set up for clarity and success throughout the process,” said Carol Hutchinson, General Manager, Global Advertising.

“The Marketer’s Guide to Creative Production” is poised to be a game-changer in the advertising and marketing landscape. With the power to educate, inspire, and streamline creative production, it is a must-read for anyone involved in the industry. “This is the first book that captures the essence of advertising production best practices. It will be an evergreen reference to train agency producers and a much-needed way to bring together marketers, agencies, and the production community,” according to Sergio Lopez Ferrero, Global Head of Production, Publicis Groupe.

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