Atomos is proud to announce that its Sapphire 8K Global Shutter Sensor has been awarded the “Innovation of the Year 2022” Lucie Technical Award. These awards honour the most innovative products from the past year and the innovators who have shaped the industry.

“The Lucie Technical Awards Advisory Board recognises and rewards deserving companies and individuals who share a passion for making incredible imagery through innovative technology,” according to the organisation. “The panel consists of editors, technology experts, writers, and industry professionals – all of whom have dedicated their careers to photography and the technology behind it.”

The Atomos Sapphire 8K Global Shutter Sensor was announced in November, 2022. It is a full-frame sensor that goes by the informal name “Sapphire 8K.” It offers DCI 8K (8192 x 4320) global shutter recording at up to 60fps. At 4K, the frame rate quadruples to 240fps, and at 1080 it delivers 360fps. The Sapphire F8 will have up to 15 stops of dynamic range with 12-bit capture across all capture modes.

The Lucie Technical Awards is a program of the Lucie Foundation, and sister program of The Lucie Awards.