Comprehensive Solution With a Variety of Mics and Accessories Caters to Film and Broadcast Professionals

AMSTERDAM, AUGUST 22, 2023 DPA Microphones is showcasing its new DLS4000 Location Sound Kit at IBC 2023 (Hall 8, Stand F87). Featuring an array of the brand’s esteemed condenser microphones, along with more than 20 accessories, this kit was built to provide the most crucial solutions for any TV/film recording application. Each microphone has been chosen based on input from professional sound engineers working within the film and broadcast industries to create the most comprehensive solution possible. Designed with durability and versatility at the top of its requirements, the DLS4000 Location Sound Kit fills a vital role for sound professionals.

Included in the kit are two DPA 4097 CORE Micro Shotguns and one 4098 CORE Supercardioid Microphone. Lightweight, easy to use and extremely multipurpose, the 4097 fulfils several roles for broadcast professionals, including discreet mic planting, interviewing and voice over work, and its water-repellent housing handles inclement weather with ease. With a variety of arrangement options available, the 4098 gooseneck is perfect for live interview applications, such as on podiums or other conferencing situations. Featuring a very low noise and high sensitivity, the 4098 offers transparent, natural sound and high speech intelligibility no matter the environment. Both mics also boast highly directional pickup patterns that limit intrusive background noises.

For boom miking applications, DPA has included two 4017B Shotgun and two 4018C Compact Supercardioid Microphones. The 4017 produces impressive accuracy and clarity not only for booming in broadcast and ENG, but also when used with camera systems and in fixed positions at sports facilities or studio environments. Designed for a broad range of long-distance miking applications for both film and ENG, the 4018 has a highly directional pickup pattern with a smooth and uniform off-axis frequency response. Thanks to the variety of available accessories, both solutions offer superb flexibility to meet any need.

The DLS4000 also has a selection of solutions from DPA’s 4060 Series of Miniature Omnidirectional Microphones, including two each of the 4060, 4061 and 4071 CORE Omnidirectional Microphones, as well as one 4661 CORE Heavy Duty Omnidirectional Microphone for the most rugged environments with high-intensity sound. With each mic tailored towards a specific application, a professional sound engineer is afforded an optimized and unobtrusive solution for any sensitivity, voltage or placement requirement they may encounter.

A range of lavaliers for close miking talent are also included, with four 6061 CORE Omnidirectional Subminiature Microphones (two each in beige and black) and two white 6060 CORE Omnidirectional Subminiature Microphones. At just 3 mm in size, these microphones pack the award-winning DPA audio into a discreet housing fit to blend into any environment. Each mic offers the clarity, consistency and durability necessary for any broadcast application, and comes with a variety of accessories to allow for unobtrusive placement on the speaker or as a plant microphone when applicable.

In addition to the microphones, the DLS4000 Location Sound Kit contains nearly two-dozen accessories, including extra cables, mic holders, concealers, adapters, clips and more. This ensures that any sound professional will be ready to go at a moment’s notice.

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